Safety first always


作者:Gwendolyn Chuah & Henry In


出版社:Young Scientists Enterprise

出版地:Manhattan House, Singapore

集叢名:Road safety:4



分類:兒童學習  英文書  


The animated illustrations depicting the highway code and traffic signs in this book are based on the creative simulation of the writer and graphic designers. The intent of this book is to familiarise road users on the importance of traffic rules and traffic signs.
“Road Safety” is a series of four books with colourful pictures and illustrations. They provide all the pratical know-how as well as cover all aspects of road safety. These include traffic signs and precautionary measures to take in various situations on the road.
This is pratical and useful to the safety-conscious and courteous road users.

  • Use A Torch
  • Something White In The Dark
  • Shining Objects
  • Umbrellas And Raincoats
  • Be Careful, The Road Is Slippery!
  • Thick Smog
  • Fluorescent Road Signs
  • Where Shall We Play?
  • Be Careful!
  • Don’t Fool Around!
  • Don’t Race And Show Off!
  • Pay Attention
  • Only 10 Minutes More!
  • Index
  • Information Resource