The island of lost dolls


作者:by Eric Scott


出版社:Acorn Books

出版地:Luton, United Kingdom

格式:EPUB 流式繁簡轉換朗讀


分類:歐美文學  英文書  


“Kellie had a dragon living the paddock at the back of her house. She also had trolls, but she didn’t know about them yet. The dragon hadn’t been there very long and it had never spoken. It hadn’t breathed fire, nor roared a scary roar. But that was because it was made from wood.” When a large tree branch dried out it looked a lot like a dragon with a long forked tail, four wriggly limbs protruding from a thick body, and a large mouth where the branch had separated from the tree. It looked fearsome enough but when Kellie and her Dad had finished with the paint tins, it looked even scarier. Kellie called it David the Snake Dragon. In this fast-moving and exciting book for early readers, which is also designed for parents to read to their children, Kellie and Gregory discover that their favourite toys have been stolen and David comes to life. He takes the children to the Island of Lost Dolls, a place where lost dolls used to live happily ever after, but when a wicked doll declares herself queen she make all the dolls her slaves. Kellie Gregory and David with the help of the mysterious Regina must fight to save not only their own toys but all the others too.

ERIC SCOTT has been a journalist all his life. He started in the UK in Nottingham as a general reporter but soon got a feeling for showbiz. He began to write theatre and movie reviews and meet many of the stars of the time. People like Tom Jones, The Beatles, Muhammad Ali, Peter O'Toole and many, many more movie stars. He worked for TV Times magazine in the UK and moved to Melbourne in 1970. There He worked on TV Times and TV Week magazines. The Logies was always a big three days of mixing with superstars like John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Gina Lollobrigida, Charlton Heston, Bette Midler. The list goes on. All this is detailed in his earthy memoirs, I Could Have Been a Contender: Memoirs of a Black Sheep, which is also an e-book as well as hard copy. He moved to Brisbane in 1982 to “get away from showbiz”. It lasted until 1985 when he went on stage for the first time and began writing in earnest. Now he does do a weekly spot on Spectrum on Radio 4EB FM98.1 and runs his own website. His first novel was published in 1976 an adult book called The Sound Mixers, which has been re-issued as an e-book. His first play was written in 1985, and that was a stage adaptation of The Soundmixers. Since then eleven one-act plays for teenagers were published in two volumes by Pearson Education, Take Five and Five More, which are standard fare in most high schools around Australia. During this time, as well as the play series he also had published a teenage novel called Time Trek, soon to be re-issued as an e-book, and a Storybridge book for University of Queensland Press, called The Great Fairytale Robbery, which is also a stage musical. Since then he has written many more plays, adult comedies and dramas and children’s musical plays. His latest novel was Windsong, which was completed in 2012.

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