M.I. Spy


作者:by Merv Lambert


出版社:AUK Kids

出版地:Luton, United Kingdom

格式:EPUB 流式


分類:兒童文學  英文書  


This fantastic edition to the Colin the Librarian series contains four new exciting stories.
M.I. Spy
Colin and Olivia meet the British spymaster F for Frank in the 1980s. Of course M accompanies them in an adventure in which Colin’s grandad suddenly appears at the Russian Embassy in London, and leads them through a secret passage to the American Embassy. On the way M helps them to rescue an agent known as Yvon The Terrible, who may be able to help them to discover who the mole is in their ranks.
M.I. Spy 2
A Caribbean adventure in which Colin and M help Frank and Perkins to recover some sunken treasure. They foil an attempt by a villainous Russian to steal it. At the same time they rescue Yvon The Terrible again, but there is still no sign of the mole hidden in their ranks.
M.I. Spy 3
An adventure set in Paris, where Braine finally proves himself and with the help of Colin and M enables Yvon to be rescued yet again, and is instrumental in unearthing the mole in their midst. M has great fun on the Eiffel Tower.
M.I. Spy 4
Colin and co thwart a conspiracy in the 1980s to destabilise the British colony of Hong Kong by flooding the city with counterfeit banknotes. M, invisible as ever, has a lot of fun catching the villains with the aid of a tube of superglue.

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