Cinderella Charmed


作者:by Malcolm Mejin


出版社:Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.

出版地:Johor Bahru, Malaysia

集叢名:Fiery tales


EISBN:9789830073026 eISBN

分類:兒童文學  英文書  


Unlike the classic tale, Cinderella gets a little deceitful when she decides to hide the royal ball invitation from her stepmother and stepsisters. Is Cinderella who we think she is, or even who SHE thinks she is? She may not live happily ever after…

  • CHAPTER 1:Love Letter
  • CHAPTER 2:Misunderstood
  • CHAPTER 3:The Royal Invitation
  • CHAPTER 4:Against His Will
  • CHAPTER 5:The Secret Smile
  • CHAPTER 6:Altercation
  • CHAPTER 7:Conspiracy
  • CHAPTER 8:Hypnotism
  • CHAPTER 9:Locked Up
  • CHAPTER 10:Sacrifice
  • CHAPTER 11:To the Ball
  • CHAPTER 12:Eye on the Ball
  • CHAPTER 13:Belle of the Ball
  • CHAPTER 14:The Chase
  • CHAPTER 15:Truth
  • CHAPTER 16:Incarcerated
  • CHAPTER 17:Finally
  • CHAPTER 18:Ever After