Thomas Alva Edison


作者:R. Thomas Rodgers


出版社:Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.

出版地:Johor Bahru, Malaysia

集叢名:Extraordinary lives

格式:EPUB 流式


分類:人物傳記  英文書  


This series tells the life stories and achievements of famous men and women in history. Readers will be inspired by the great courage and determination shown by these people.

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  • Contents
  • Chapter One - The Birth of a Great Inventor
  • Chapter Two - A Move to a Better Place
  • Chapter Three - Young Entrepreneurs
  • Chapter Four - An Experiment Goes Haywire
  • Chapter Five - Expelled from School
  • Chapter Six - The Mobile Laboratory
  • Chapter Seven - Deep Interest in the Telegraph
  • Chapter Eight - Tom’s First Inventions
  • Chapter Nine - Lighting Up the World
  • Chapter Ten - Tom’s Last Inventions