The destroyer of teeth


作者:author, YY Tan;editor, 5 Elements Crew;illustrator, YS Crew


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd


集叢名:The science inquirer series,Systems:Level 1



分類:兒童學習  英文書  

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Asystem is a whole consisting of parts that work together to perform a function(s). There are natural systems as well as manmade systems. Examples of systems in nature are the digestive and respiratory systems. Examples of man-made systems are electrical and decimal systems. Understanding these systems allows Man to understand how they operate and how parts influence and interact with one another to perform a function.

  • Systems
  • The Destroyer Of Teeth
  • Vegetation Village
  • I Don’t Want An Injection!
  • Eyes
  • Reading
  • Counting Your Hair On Your Head
  • Sense Of Touch
  • Body Temperature
  • Ha! Ha! Ha!
  • Different Blood Groups
  • The Crying Sapling
  • Gobbling Food
  • Croak! Croak!
  • Feeling Drowsy
  • Catching A Cold!
  • Eagle Catches A Rabbit
  • Elephant’s Long Trunk
  • Animals With Pouches
  • Kitty Is A Devil!
  • Dolphins To The Rescue
  • How Come Birds Don’t Have Teeth?
  • Complete Circuit