Under the full moon


作者:Written and illustrated by San Hoy


出版社:Guardian Angel Publishing

出版地:Saint Louis, Missouri


ISBN:9781616334598; 9781616334574; 9781616334581

分類:兒童繪本  英文書  

● 本書因出版社限制不提供朗讀功能

● 本書因出版社限制不提供繁簡轉換功能


The two wolves moved quietly, stealthily, ears twitching and noses quivering, ever alert for sounds and scents of prey. They were hungry. Their stomachs rumbled. Stopping to remove ice collected between his toes, Sasha stared down at the farm in the valley below. He licked his paw and thought about the delicious chickens and ducks and the young lambs and goats he’d seen frisking in the summer fields. Now, all these animals were locked up in pens and barns, impossible to get to.