Minty and marmaduke


作者:by Marian Marsden


出版社:Arthur H. Stockwell Andrews UK Limited

出版地:Devon, England [Luton, England]

格式:EPUB 流式繁簡轉換朗讀




Minty and Marmaduke are curious, inquisitive mice, and they like exploring their surroundings on a quiet English farm. They seem unable to stay out of trouble for long, but they always manage to end their expeditions happily. Marian Marsden has a great interest in animals and nature. She has lived at Crow’s Nest Farm for nearly fifty years, and Minty and Marmaduke live there with her. The first adventures of Minty and Marmaduke were told as bedtime stories to Marian’s children, and these two lovable mice often featured on hand-painted cards for birthdays and other special occasions. Later Minty and Marmaduke entertained another generation – Marian’s six grandchildren.

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