And off we go


作者:by Barbara Lapajne Predin


出版社:Andrews UK Ltd.


集叢名:Picture Puffin S.

格式:EPUB 流式繁簡轉換朗讀




And Off We Go is a collection of stories lending wings to our curiosity and taking us through space and time! The first one introduces us to the Vikings, who taught their children how to coexist with the frozen seas and respect the animals. In the second tale we visit the African Bushmen and get to know their very special way of learning how to hunt. The third one takes place in Japan and describes how a samurai preserves the honour of a persecuted princess, while in the fourth we learn about understanding dreams with the Navajo, a native American tribe. The stars in the fifth story bring together two girls – a Masai and an Australian – marked by fate in the same manner.
Through these tales we learn how to listen to the wind and how to understand people different from ourselves.
The goal of these stories is for the readers to become fascinated by fantasy journeys. The young readers will take their own knowledge of the world and their family with them on these journeys, and learn about different ways of life full of similar mutual relations and identical fears and joys. They will learn that many different peoples or groups of people live or have lived in the world, that every group has certain peculiarities we can look up to and make use of living in the today's world, or simply discover what people can find their own little shares of happiness in.
However, the most important message is the realisation that we are all very much alike despite all the differences. We love our nearest and dearest, we laugh at a funny story, and we are upset by injustice, regardless of when, where in the world, and what family we were born into.
The collection of stories And Off We Go will help you discover at least some of your secret wishes and chase away prejudice and fears.
These five stories will change your outlook at the world. For the better.

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