Jody:Part two of the Lisa, Jody, and Holly trilogy


作者:by Ian Berry


出版社:Andrews UK Ltd.


格式:EPUB 流式




Jody, like Lisa and Holly, has extremely well developed ESP powers. This allows her to levitate herself (flying sounds much better), speak to the others mind to mind – telepathy – and more. Their powers grow almost by the day, they discover more and more things they didn’t know they could do – until now. The three girls call themselves the Angels and spend most of their spare time when not at school (and sometimes when that’s where they should be) using their powers to fix things for people such as the Ministry of Defence. Want a broken nuclear submarine fixing? Call for the Angels. Want a member of the Royal Family protecting? Call for the Angels. This part of the saga is told by Jody herself, taking over from Lisa in the writing things down department.

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